Detrony and Ph4ntom are going to Dreamhack Winter for Quake LIVE!

Bravado Gaming’s Dimitri ‘Detrony‘ Hadjipaschali and Stephen ‘Ph4ntom‘ Cloete will be going to Sweden in November as they have just been confirmed as invitationals to DreamHack Winter 2013 where they will compete in the Quake Live tournament.dreamhack-winter-2013-622

The tournament will feature the best of the best Quake Live players in the world and will have a prize pool of 100 000 SEK, which is about R150,000! It will of course be played in the 1vs1 Duel format and will be streamed live so when the time comes, be ready to cheer on Bravado Gaming’s Detrony!

For more information on DreamHack, please click here.

This is such a wonderful opportunity to further eSports in South Africa by showing that our players can compete on the international stage with the utmost best players in the world.

Who is Detrony?

Some of you might be thinking who is this guy? Well, Dimitri ‘Detrony‘ Hadjipaschali should be a name everyone who has played Quake or Counter-Strike competitively over the past 4-5 years knows and fears.

For the rest of you, let us take a look at some of his recent eSports achievements and hobbies.

Very recently Dimitri ‘Detrony‘ Hadjipaschali and Andreas ‘Cent’ Hadjipaschali won the CS:GO DGC at rAge as part of the Bravado Gaming’s CS:GO team winning R10,000 in cash and a Logitech mouse + keyboard.

These brothers have been playing Counter-Strike for years and years always remaining at or close to the top in South Africa.

Impressively, Detrony is not only one of the top players in South Africa in Counter-Strike but also manages to be one of the best if not the best Quake Live players in the country. In the DGL he was ranked first with a score of 5-0 not losing a single game.

You can check out the DGL Quake Live log here.

He decided not to play at this year’s DGC as he would rather join his brother Cent in becoming Counter-Strike Champions, not for the first time I might add.

Being one of it not the best in South Africa is one thing, but competing and doing well against international
players has always been extremely hard for South African players. Well, Detrony is ranked 13th in the world on the Quake Live ranking site and has been as far as eight place!

Check out his Quake Live profile here.


It has been a great pleasure to talk to Dimitri and get to know him at rAge a few weeks ago. Today I bring you an exclusive interview with him, enjoy!

You are an exceptional Poker player, a CS:GO champion and arguably the best Quake Live player in South Africa. How do you stay at the top of your game in three demanding disciplines?

Detrony: “Thanks so much for the great words. I think the most crucial word is balance. Live poker, CS:GO and Quake Live have been my top three main priorities since the start of 2013, I had goals, and still do in wanting to achieve the best I can. Trying to become successful at each of these, let alone one, is extremely time consuming and requires endless amount of effort.”

How hard will you be training before you go to Dreamhack? Any plans to practice with ph4ntom or maybe Shase before Dreamhack?

Detrony: “Lets just say, from now up until Dreamhack, I will be putting in more hours than I have in any other given month since I started playing this game 8 years ago. Even more preparation is needed than I can imagine since ph4ntom and I are new to some of the maps announced in the map-pool for Dreamhack.

I will definitely be practicing alongside these two. Most of my volume put in will be from now up until the very beginning of November, and continuing from the 12th until the event, due to other important commitments. Ph4ntom and I happen to live three blocks from each other which will make life easier regarding lanning and practicing together.”

Are there any big name players that you would love to beat and any that you are afraid to face off against?

Detrony: “I’m not afraid to face off against anyone, I’m attending knowing I have nothing to lose, and I can only prove and create upsets. A lot of these players are players I’ve always looked up to and learnt so much from duelers such as Rapha, Cypher, Cooller (the list goes on), and can safely say, by just observing them, these are the guys that have made me the player I am today.

Attending Dreamhack is something huge for me, and definitely tops the list in terms of what I’ve had my eye on goal-wise my entire Quake career.

I can only remain positive and focus on exactly what I need to do, the support over the last few days has been incredible, and surely will only get better, that’s definitely a boost for me.”

If you have to go up against ph4ntom during Dreamhack, what are your predictions for how the match will turn out?

Detrony: “Tough to say. We both obviously don’t want it to end up like that at an event as large as this, we’re more focused on going in together and doing our local community proud. I think by the end of our preperation, given we are both playing our A+ game; it can really go either way.

His a great and tough opponent, and we will both be learning from one another so much in the upcoming month and a bit. We are more focused on just helping each other improve, picking off each other’s weaknesses and working together towards this.”

Who do you think will win DreamHack? Do you think there will be any upsets and / or dark horses of the tournament?

Detrony: “It’s honestly a battle of who is in the right headspace and playing their best game at that given time. Anything can happen between the top 5 seeds, there’s just no consistent #1 these days at the level of play overseas. Cypher, Rapha and Evil (as I have confirmed are attending) are definitely the top dogs in my opinion and anyone who beats them will cause an upset.”

Anything else you would like to add about your upcoming trip to Sweden? Shoutouts etc?

Detrony: “I’d like to thank my team, Bravado for their immense support, and every single person who has my back going into this. Truth of it all, I’ve never played a proper Quake LAN tournament and I’m jumping straight into Dreamhack facing the best in the world.

I’m in no position to complain though, this is what I’ve wanted and this is the stage I would want to step up and show the world what South Africa really has.”

Closing thoughts

Dimitri ‘Detrony‘ Hadjipaschali is a man of many talents. A champion in CS:GO, an excellent poker player and one of the best if not the best Quake Live player in South Africa just shows how composed this great gamer can be under pressure and continue to deliver his best.

As a little treat for our loyal readers, here is a Quake live game between Detrony and Shase, so enjoy the Bravado versus Bravado ownage!

Stay tuned as we will bring you the details of where you can tune into watching Detrony and Ph4ntom take on the worlds best!

Have you ever had the pleasure of meeting Detrony in person? Where do you think Detrony and Ph4ntom will place during DreamHack and who will make it the deepest or maybe even win it all? Who is your favorite Quake Live player? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.



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