Download Call of Duty Ghosts 6GB Ram Fix

Call of Duty Ghosts 6GB RAM Fixcall of duty ghosts ram fix

Trying to play Call of Duty Ghosts on a rig with less than 6Gb ram? You are probably seeing an error and it’s probably pissing you off that you can’t play your game?

There is a workaround for this issue, however it was developed by Russian hackers (Steam006) so it may come with it’s own issues if you know what I mean. You can use it at your own risk, many have seen it work for them without any error or ban.

Here is the link to the crack (6GB Ram fix) forum where it came from. You can read up and see what people say about it.
Basically Steam006′s game fix removes the 6GB RAM limitation from the game and allows you to play Call of Duty Ghosts even if you do not meet the minimum requirements.

You can directly download ‘Call of Duty Ghosts Ram Fix by Steam006′ and start playing. Exploit was developed by member of the Russian underground hacking group ‘CS.RIN.RU’


Here are some other CoD Ghosts tweaks and fixes that I can offer you.

Comment please if it works or doesn’t or you want any other workarounds or tweaks please.


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