How much time I’ve spent playing MOBA’s in the last 12 years


I started playing Dota back in about 2003 after being introduced by a friend. I took to it very well, got super addicted and held onto my love of Dota through the next 12 years.



Please note that these are all just estimates based on what I can remember.

During my first year I think I had a LAN every other weekend. Each LAN would consist of at least 5-10 full games of DOTA.


 2003-2004 (Do you even game?)

20 games per month x 12 months

240 games


2004-2007 (Developing an addiction is easy)

After the first year I found out you can play online and stopped lanning so much and rather spent my time on the Warcraft III Battlenet servers.

I would say I played at least 5 games a week for the next 2 years. Let’s do some more maths.

5 games x 52 weeks = 260 games

x2 for 2 years

520 games


2007-2009 (Overcoming addiction by trying new things like work and sex)

I calmed down a lot in my playing during this time due to studies, work and relationships.

I would say I maybe played 1 or 2 games a month at a push.

Easy maths time

2 games x 12 months

24 games x 3 years

72 Games


2009-2011 (I am like a new person with various interests)

During this period I started to play other MOBA’s like HoN, Demigod and League of Legends (that LoL was a real time vamp).

They didn’t take up nearly the same time as Dota did in the beginning, but still I found plenty of time to jam them at LAN’s and online.

Dota was probably down to 1 game x month, HoN maybe 1 x month, league of legends 2x a month and Demigod 1 x month.

5 x 12 x 3

120 Games


2011-2012 (I found a new type of crack)

I started playing in a clan for League of Legends, we got pretty good beating the current SA reigning champions and went on to play in the NAG League.

This as you can imagine took many games of practice. I would say I was on 10 games a week for a solid year.

10 x 52

520 games


2013-2014 (Off the old crack and tasting something newer)

This is the year I quit League of Legends cold turkey. Picked up Dota 2 because I still wanted a fun MOBA to play when I was bored.

I didn’t play very much Dota 2 in this year, maybe 200 games for the whole year. (is this a lot?)

200 Games


2015 (Let’s see if I can continue being a casual gamer)

50 Games



Approx 1722 games played over 12 years

at an average of 40 minutes per game this works out to

=1148 hours

So that is nearly 50 days of straight playing. Holy shit.



How many games of Dota or other MOBA’s have you played?

I’ve added a basic calculator to help you work out your number.


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